Dr. Rin Porter
Dr. Rin Porter

Welcome to Thingscouldbeworse.org!

This blog is designed to help anyone who is thinking about retiring, or is already retired.  Everyone who works for many years will eventually think about retirement and wonder how to do it.

I’ve done it.  I’ve been retired since 2004, so I’ve got over a decade of retirement under my belt.  I’ve learned some things along the way that could be helpful to you.

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No matter what your age, if you live long enough, you’ll need to retire at some point!  Planning for that time is a good thing.

Are you thinking about retirement?

If so, then this blog is for you!

Here you’ll find blog posts about planning for retirement, dealing with stress, handling emotions, accepting change, structuring your time in retirement, women’s issues, the environment, and other topics.  Look through the titles of recent posts listed at the right-hand side of this page.  Check the archives (also listed on the right-hand side) or do a Search to find the topic that you want.

If you don’t find an article on the topic that you want, please leave a comment here on this page telling me about the retirement topic you’re interested in, and I’ll respond!

I pretty much stay away from the financial aspects of retirement such as investing.  There are many financial blogs you can read that will help you with that part of retirement.

Credit: Modern-Senior.com (Amy Blitchok)
Credit: Modern-Senior.com (Amy Blitchok)

Retirement happens in stages rather than all at once.  I’ll try to help you get through each stage.  I’d love to hear about your situation whenever you read a blog post that is useful.  Please comment whenever you like something I’ve written!

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Thoughts about retirement, women's issues, environmental concerns, and other topics