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  1. I enjoy your website & find it helpful. I am probably not going to retire, partly because of the lack of financial planning, partly for the desire to stay active even if I shift my time to more leisure activities. The problem is staying in the area where I am familiar and scaling down the “hamster wheel”

    1. Susan, your concerns are shared by many of us. But don’t give up on the idea of retirement, even if it’s just scaling back a little on work hours. Every step you can take to look into alternate housing arrangements, hobbies, places to meet new people, and small changes in spending habits will help. And doing it gradually is just fine. There’s no reason why retirement has to take place all on one day! Good luck, and let me know how you’re doing. Thanks for writing.

  2. I am now in my early 70tys and while in my 60tys I started working on a website. My husband and I had been doing festivals but it got to hard on us packing, setting up, taking down, and repacking then unpacking van. Now I am closer to getting our website up but has taken me a couple years. I bought a designed template last year so was motivated to accomplish something if only a day at a time. I now look at it as there is always tomorrow so lets go to the movies.

    1. Sophia, I love your sense of humor! It’s good to know that you got started on a website. There’s no hurry – take your time! I have really enjoyed having my website and meeting people like you through it. Keep working – you will get it done eventually! Thanks for writing.

  3. I loved your essay on routines. It’s true that I run out of time before I do the things I really enjoy by not scheduling time for them. Structure sounds limiting to me but you make it sound like freedom ! I am making a change in the focus of my work but find myself falling into the rut of old activities that keep me in the old role that is not working anymore. The old adage “pay yourself first” can be applied to saving money, saving time or moving ahead in a project. Thank you for posting simple do-able ways to cope with change.

    1. Susan,
      I’m so glad that you liked it! Hearing that it was a big help to you makes me feel really good. Change is very hard. I know it is for me too! But once you “pay yourself first”, as you put it, makes each day go better. Thanks for writing.

  4. Hi Rin Nice to be here today.
    We are on the right time here!
    And even you are celebrating the One year Anniversary too!
    Good !
    Lot of thing to read and adopt.
    Will come here to check again
    Thanks for sharing such a lot of valuable information!
    Great mine of useful information loaded here!
    Keep Sharing
    ~ Philip
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    1. Philip, thank you for writing to help me celebrate the one-year anniversary of my blog! I’m glad that you have found the information useful to you. I hope you write again.


  5. Hi, Dr. Porter!

    I just learned of your blog through Matthew Loomis’ Blogger Success Bulletin. It’s lovely! Although I am not yet close to retiring, I have friends and family who are, and I will definitely be sharing your blog with them.

    Andi, http://www.thegumblog.com

    1. Andi,
      Thanks for letting me know how you found the blog! Matthew has been incredibly kind and supportive to me and I really appreciated bring included in his Blogger Success Bulletin #1. Even though you’re not close to retirement age, now is the time to prepare. Retirement is not just about money! I hope you will read my post “Top 22 Things You Need to Do in Your 20s and 30s to Make Sure You Have an Epic Retirement” (http://wp.me/p4RZod-e6). And thanks for passing along information about my blog to your friends and family members who are older. I look forward to hearing from you again.


  6. Rin, I enjoyed your article on routines in retirement. I have used the process for organizing time and setting routines during the busiest times of my life, but had not thought about doing this for time use in retirement. I sometimes wonder where the day went and do not like that end of day ‘feeling.’ Days turn into weeks and months too quickly. I will end 2015 by using this process to reset my retirement goals and organize my time to improve success. Thanks for your blog. Cheryl

    1. Cheryl,
      Thanks for letting me know you liked this article! I agree – it’s a no-brainer to get organized for work and other activities, but who knew the same processes would work for retirement? And they do. I’m glad that the ideas will be useful for you. They sure have helped me. Thanks for commenting!


  7. Hi Dr. Rin, I will be posting my usual weekly article in stilltheluckyfew.com tomorrow morning. In that article (on retirement) I’ve provided a link to your blog—you have such great articles on that topic! In trying to send you a message, I realize you are on my mailing list, but not listed as a ‘friend’. Do you use Facebook? If so, could you send me a friend request? Thanks, and all the best to you!

    1. Hi Diane,
      I’m out of the country right now, but I tried to “friend”you on Facebook and the program would not let me do that – I think because I’m not at home. I will keep trying. Thanks for asking!


  8. I have two friends in need of coaching for retirement. Both have the financial side taken of.Both need “coaching” a process to prepare them for how to spend their days “productively”-meaningfully.Could you recommend someone? Most of the process I have seen or experienced have been academic exercises.they are both hardened business executives.
    Any and all advice appreciated

    1. Hi Glenn,
      Thanks for writing. I personally don’t know any retirement coaches. I had to coach myself with the help of a psychologist. But I read recently that there is an association of retirement coaches, and they are just about to get together in Michigan. Here is the web address for the agenda of the conference, with names. If you contact one of the people listed, he or she might have some resources for you>

      Please refer your friends to my blog, especially to the articles on structuring time in retirement, planning for retirement, and dealing with other issues.

      Dr Rin

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